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Johnny Cocksville



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Known for his expressive mannerisms and manic glee, Johnny has been performing in the Naarm drag scene since May 2022. He is the quintessential flamboyant gentleman - a lover of fine suits and anything shiny (just be careful to not leave your valuables unattended). Much like his namesake, Johnny delights at having as much fun as possible at any given moment and doesn't give a shit if it's at his own expense. While Johnny's sexuality is unknown even to him, he has somehow ended up married to multiple women, his blatant faggotry notwithstanding. Maybe they just think he's the perfect target for a life insurance scam. Despite his catastrophic vanity, he boasts a Bachelor of Science, which he only uses to pester his fellow performers with information on epidemiology and parasitism. What can I say? The man loves his blood-sucking worms. Johnny can be found performing regularly at Drag Roulette at Mollie's Bar and Diner in Fitzroy. Johnny is also a great scientific communicator and would like more opportunities to discuss epidemiology and biology in general while in drag.

Drag, Educational Drag


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