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Max. 3 photos allowed per performer. New photos will replace old photos if you already have 3 uploaded.

Note that your profile will be public, including to minors. It is a requirement that all uploaded material are appropriate for all audiences. We retain the right to reject or modify any uploaded data to comply with our standards.

Where do you perform?
With this question, please be assured that any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will not be made public. This information is solely intended to help us ensure our database is more inclusive and representative of the community as a whole. It is voluntary to answer.

When submitting for a new profile, please fill out every section. 

Upon clicking the submit button, you hereby confirm that you possess the requisite authorisation to furnish and/or revise the information for the performer profile.

Performers of Pride shall proceed to disclose the submitted data on a public domain, and we assume no responsibility for any wrongful usage of the data by the visitors to the site.

Thanks for submitting!

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