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The Motley Bauhaus is many things to many people. For those who like live performance we have two live performance area. A Blackbox Theatre where weekly you will see a host of live shows from independent producers. Upstairs we have a less formal stage area for cabaret, music, burlesque, standup or any of the bits in between. For those who like art we have a beautiful light filled gallery dedicated to promoting up coming and independent artists, along with workshops and studios for those who prefer to do instead of watch. For those who like just a fun place to hang out we have two seperate bar areas with an outdoor courtyard downstairs, a fun relaxed vide, happy hour from 4-6, free bbq's on Friday afternoons and the occasional free entertainment. And for those that like to know things, what we are is a completely unique, utterly independent and proudly inclusionary multidisciplinary art and craft house dedicated to promoting skills based art practices, encouraging intermingling across all disciplines and making art an everyday part of our lives. The ethos of the space is derived from the Staatliches Bauhaus school opened in Germany in 1919 which combined art and craft, respected them equally, and believed they should be more integrated into the community. In that vein we are focused on promoting skills based arts practises and fostering creativity in the wider community by giving a home to artists of any and all disciplines and running various art and craft classes and related activity. So whether you're seeing a show, attending a workshop, looking at art or just having a drink. To you we say... welcome.

0449 916 853

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11 April 2023 at 12:25:13

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